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Rev 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine + Enrober + Skimmer Pack


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Must have equipment package for professional chocolatiers and commercial candy making production! This package includes the Rev 3Z (45 lbs.) Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine + The Enrober + The Skimmer (everything you need to create perfectly covered chocolates!).

The Revolation 3Z can produce up to 45 lbs of perfectly tempered chocolate at a time. Your facility can generate 200+ lbs of chocolate per day, with the efficient yet simple controls. The 3Z's user-friendly display screen makes monitoring and controlling your chocolate simple. As always, our unit uses forced hot air as its heat source. NO LIGHTBULBS, NO HOT WATER BATHS.

The Enrober is designed to fit directly atop the Revolation 3Z and is a moving, 6-inch-wide stainless steel belt that passes through a flowing curtain of tempered chocolate. This curtain is provided by the ChocoVision Skimmer (included with this package). As your ganaches, cookies, pralines, pretzels, bars, etc travel on the enrober, they will become completely chocolate-covered, bottom included. Increase productivity while maximizing the consistency of your products with this enrober! This unit is constructed of three easy-to-disassemble sections, making cleanup simple. Includes (2) enrobing pattern inserts.

The Skimmer is a belt, pulley and motor system that connects to a Chocovsion tempering Machine's Baffle, and will create a continuously dispensing (variable speed) flow of chocolate of chocolate - use it with the enrober for fully covered chocolates (or use it without the enrober to easily and quickly fill molds!). The Skimmer is also helpful in reducing splatter and the spread of moisture or other contaminants into a pool of chocolate, while decreasing ergonomic strain with its automation.

Package Includes

  • Rev 3Z chocolate tempering machine (includes 1 bowl, 1 solid baffle, 3 scrapers, 2 knobs & 1 clip)
  • Holey Baffle (increases machine capacity to 45 lbs!).
  • 1 x The Enrober (3 pc)
  • 1 x The Skimmer


  • Tempering machine dimensions: 23.5"W x 23"L x 8.5"H (45 lbs.)
  • Enrober dimensions: 26L x 10W x10H (14 lbs.)
  • Skimmer dimensions: 19. 5"H (13.75 above baffle), 9.3W (5 lbs.)
  • Electrical Specifications: All components are 110v, standard US plug

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  • Add on a Chocovision Vibe Vibrating Table to this package and save $20.00 off buying it separately (choose option above).

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